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Twenty years after a biological and nuclear war, the remnants of humanity live in a narrow corridor between Colorado and South Carolina. Nolan Ryan Dolan, a drifter from east Colorado, wanders into the town of Pig, Arkansas, looking for supplies.

Nolan is only looking to trade on his way to the ocean, but eleven-year-old Trudy Francis Ross sees him as something more than just another survivor. In her mind, he is a mythical Lawman...

Tentative Writing Schedule 10-July-2017

With The House on the Hill now available on Amazon, and Lawman getting ready to go to editing, what's next from Tony Bowman?

First up will be an official sequel to Nine Fingers. Nine Fingers: Bray Road will be released in early November of 2017.

After that, I'll be doing a mystery novel collaboration with Laurie Ann Spivey which will come out sometime in 2018.

Next up will be the second book in the Valkyrie series. Valkyrie: The Three Witches will hit Amazon in Summer 2018.

After that, it will be a toss up between two novels I'm itching to write: Nine Fingers: The Good Wolves or The Zombie Chronicles.

Stay tuned!

For Love of the Intangible

I think about horror novels as I drive to work in the morning.

Not other people's books - my books. Books I haven't written yet.

This is something I've done most of my life, although I really didn't sit down and start writing them out until about three years ago. I'm an engineer by trade, and before that, I was a student. I was convinced my future would lie in science and engineering. If you had told me a few decades ago I would be up to five novels with about thirty-seven more planned out at the age of fifty-two, I would have laughed at the notion.

Engineers like tangible things and known quantities. Cell phones, slot machines, cruise missiles - those are all tangible things. They have weight and inherent value.

Books, especially e-books, are intangible. They aren't known quantities. They aren't objective, they're subjective. Some people are going to like them, some people are going to hate them. What is the inherent value of a book? It depends on a d…


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The Lasso

The Lasso Copyright 2017 by Tony Bowman All Rights Reserved

The old man sat in his chair under the apple tree and listened to the cattle wail. The sound was monotonous and loud, though only two of the herd were actually calling: the cow standing at the foot of the steep mountain calling for the newborn calf, and the calf standing in a meadow high above, calling for its mother. The old man sighed. He took a deep breath, which after they had cut away most of his left lung the summer before, was more of a half breath. The cicadas sang in the Appalachian afternoon with the sun beating down. It was cool under the apple tree, the smell of rotten apples wafted up from the grass – the tree never birthed anything bigger than a crab apple, and these tiny apples formed a spongy mat of rot underneath the spreading green canopy, carrion for yellow jackets and ants. He stood up and walked across the damp yard, feeling the apples turn to mush under his feet. The boy lay on the concrete carport, a fleet o…

"The Caretakers of Forever" in Creepy Campfire Quarterly #5: Science Fiction Edition

My Science Fiction / Horror short story "The Caretakers of Forever" is in the anthology Creepy Campfire Quarterly #5: Science Fiction Edition.

Creepy Campfire Quarterly #5 (Kindle)

Coming in Early July - Lawman by Tony Bowman

Coming in early July:

Lawman by Tony Bowman

A biological attack by terrorists turns into full-scale nuclear war. Twenty years later, the remnants of humanity huddle together in walled towns for safety from the mutated humanity that besieges them. Young Nolan Ryan Dolan drifts into the town of Pig, Arkansas looking for food and supplies....

But, eleven-year-old orphaned Trudy Ross believes Nolan is more than just a drifter. She believes he is a beacon of hope in a world gone insane: a Lawman.

Sometimes, belief is enough.